Three-Tier Pricing System

All kids need the opportunity of camp, and our tiered pricing is one of the ways we strive to get more kids outdoors, active, and of course, have ridiculous amounts of fun! Realizing that families have different abilities to pay, Bishopswood is offering a voluntary three-tier pricing schedule. You may choose the tier that is most suitable for your family.

It is a “free-will” system; you pick the level that is comfortable and affordable for your family.

The choice is entirely yours and in NO WAY influences your child’s experience at Bishopswood.

2017 Rates

  • Tier 1
  • Our low subsidized rate. If you are unable to pay all of this, please apply for a scholarship.
  • Youth Camp $525
  • Session 1 $2,100
  • Session 2 $1,575
  • 7 Weeker $3,675
  • CIT $2,625
  • Mini Camp $236
  • Tier 2
  • This is the true cost of camp. This is what it costs Bishopswood to provide one week of camp for your child.
  • Youth Camp $579
  • Session 1 $2,316
  • Session 2 $1,737
  • 7 Weeker $4,053
  • CIT $2,895
  • Mini Camp $261
  • Tier 3
  • Would you be willing to assure that Bishopswood will be here for future generations?*
  • Youth Camp $667
  • Session 1 $2,668
  • Session 2 $2,001
  • 7 Weeker $4,669
  • CIT $3,335
  • Mini Camp $300

* This rate will allow us to further develop our staff, perform much needed upgrades and maintenance to our facilities, and ensure that Bishopswood will continue to be the best camp ever.

2017 Dates

Traditional Youth Camp

You can pick any Youth Camp week or weeks you would like

Age 8-16

Session 1
YC 1:  July 2nd – July 8th Pirate 
YC 2:  July 9th – July 15th Reality Game Show *
YC 3:  July 16th – July 22nd Bishopswoodstock
YC 4:  July 23rd – July 29th Holiday

Session 2
YC 5:  July 30th – Aug 5th  Color War *
YC 6:  Aug 6th – Aug 12th  International
YC 7:  Aug 13th – Aug 19th  Cartoon

* These weeks will have a modified schedule.

MiniCamp I, II, & III

Age 6-8
July 2nd – July 4th
MC II: July 6th – July 8th
MC:III: July 30 – August 1st

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Counselor in Training

Age 16 or completed  Grade 10

CIT: July 2nd – Aug 5th

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7 Weeker July 2nd– Aug 19th
Session I July 2nd – July 29th (4 weeks)
Session II July 30th – Aug 19th (3 weeks)


Campers needing financial assistance are encouraged to contact their local priest. Most congregations have scholarships available. If you would like information about scholarship help, please contact the Director.