A Day at Camp Bishopswood

The morning quiet of the lake and woods is broken by the first bell of the day at 7:00, and the hustle and bustle of a camp day begins. Campers can take a dip in the lake, run, stretch, shower, or play a game.

Campers are greeted by a staff member who leads the group in a song. The staff member then invites campers in to breakfast, which begins at 7:50. At the end of the meal, announcements are made before everyone is dismissed back to their cabins for cleaning and morning devotions.

There are five activity periods, three in the morning and two in the afternoon. Each cabin group visits the Waterfront every morning for an hour of swimming and water safety instruction. The other five activity periods are spent at Arts & Crafts, Camp Craft,  Performing Arts, Adventure, and Sports & Games. Lunch is served at 12:20 and is followed by FOB (Flat On Bunk).

After two afternoon activity periods, there is a free period. Everyone then returns to the Dining Hall at 5:50 for a delicious dinner. Following the evening announcements, all are dismissed to Cabin Time. The final bell of the day rings at 8:45. Another full, fun day at Bishopswood is brought to a close with a special gathering called ACGN.