Communication with Camp and Campers

Mail – Incoming & Outgoing

Letter writing is almost a lost art. Since campers do not use the phone at camp, writing can be delightfully rediscovered. Letters from family and friends are always welcomed. Parents’ letters to campers should be cheerful and not upsetting. You may even want to send a letter the day before you drop your camper at Bishopswood, especially if you are from out of state. No matter how many times children have been to camp, it is hard for campers not to get mail when their cabin mates do. Please do not be a non-letter-writing parent! Campers are encouraged to write letters also, and are required to write at least one letter each Tuesday. Please send your child with a reasonable supply of postage stamps and stationery.

Mail to campers should be addressed as follows:

Camp Bishopswood
98 Bishopswood Road
Hope, ME 04847.

Cabin Name (if you know) in lower left corner


Packages can be fun for campers to receive at camp. Suggested items to send a camper are a book, magazine, stationary, markers, deck of cards, film, etc. Too many packages become disruptive. Other campers may feel envious and extra items add to the clutter in the camper cabins. Please coordinate package sending with other family and friends to avoid over-doing.
Candy, gum, cookies, etc.

From years of experience, the camp policy is that campers NOT receive or keep food items of any kind at camp. Camper packages will be opened at the office and items in this category may be destroyed or returned to the sender. Please explain this policy to your camper and to friends and relatives.


The camp phone is used for business only. Campers do not make or receive phone calls. If you have questions or concerns, please call and talk with the Director or her designee. Should you need to talk with your child, in cases of an emergency or special occasion, please call to arrange it with the director first. Campers should not bring cell phones to camp.


For official camp use only. Please do not plan to communicate with your camper via FAX.


The director can be reached via e-mail, Campers do not use or receive e-mail at camp.

Visiting Your Camper

Camp Visitation Policies: Visits are best planned for Saturday afternoons. All guests must check in at the Camp Office immediately upon arrival. If campers are to be taken out of camp, they must be signed out and back in upon their return by a staff member.

Camper Release: Campers may leave only with persons specifically named, in writing, on their registration form. Phone calls will not be made to seek permission to release campers.

Birthdays at Camp

If your child will celebrate a birthday while at camp, please mention it to the director and cabin counselor when you bring your child to camp. We will celebrate with singing and a cake for the cabin group to share.