Counselor-In-Training Program (Currently working on changes to this program. Update coming soon.)

CIT’s are selected by application, enrollment is limited

All CIT’s are welcomed to take the Lifeguarding class. At the end of your 5 weeks if you have met all of the American Red Cross requirements you will have your LGT, Waterfront module, and CPR for the Professional Rescuer. (Participants will be required to purchase books and supplies.)

Week One:
All CIT’s live in various camper cabins, but spend most of their day together with the CIT directors. Together the CIT’s

  • get acquainted with each other,
  • learn some basic group development theories,
  • think about their personal and program goals for their four weeks as a CIT,
  • plan and carry out several sleep-outs and cook-outs,
  • work together to refurbish a camp-site on the Bishopswood property, AND
  • have fun, work hard, eat well, get plenty of exercise, and feel good about themselves.

Weeks Two, Three, Four, and Five
To get an overview of many aspects of camp operations, each CIT will:

  • rotate working in the kitchen for several meals.
  • spend some time with the Health Hut Nurse, the Director, and Program Director, and meet with the Maintenance Man.

To gain experience in working with children, various staff members, and the program.
Each CIT will:

  • rotate living with a different cabin group of children and counselors each week.
  • rotate working in a different activity area each week.
  • assist with care of campers in the cabin group.
  • observe, assist, and co-lead activities with cabin group and activity groups.
  • plan and implement activities with supervision and assistance of staff members.
  • assume varying levels of leadership in every level of camp program and activities.

To” maximize learning” from all the experiences a CIT has, CIT’s will meet regularly with the CIT Directors as a group and individually, as appropriate, to discuss:

  • personal experiences people want to share and discuss.
  • general topics of child development, camp policy, program, any other issues that arise.
  • ongoing goals and expectations; progress reports, and plans for accomplishment.
  • evaluation of strengths and weaknesses observed by staff, and plans for improvement.
  • self-evaluation and group support.
  • relaxation, snacks, and fun.

At the conclusion of the five week program….
In the past, at the end of the five weeks, all CIT’s have reported learning a lot about themselves, about camp, and about being a counselor. Some CIT’s have shown exceptional leadership abilities and gained lots of knowledge and skills needed to be a good Counselor.

This is a Five Week Program

There are so many skills and aspects of being a counselor a CIT learns in this incredible short time, we are going to give you another week to master all the skills you are learning.

Experienced staff members will guide selected high school juniors in study, discussion, work projects, and apprenticeship to discover the many facets of being a good camp counselor. Applicants are accepted to the CIT program based on their application, references, interview and overall aptitude to be successful in the CIT program and contribute to the camp community. Most CIT’s have had previous experience at Bishopswood.