Our Campers

Campers at Bishopswood are youth entering grades 2 through 10. Most of our campers are from Maine or the New England. About 25% come from other parts of the country and few campers come from other countries! Many of our campers are Episcopalian, though the camp population includes children from many religious and spiritual beliefs and family backgrounds. Most campers stay at Bishopswood for two weeks, some stay for only one week, some split their camp weeks, and others stay as many as the full seven. Bishopswood serves about 350 different children each summer.

Camper Housing & Cabin Assignments

Camper and their counselors live in rustic cabins with bunk beds and limited space for personal belongings.

Campers are generally housed in cabins with others of similar grade and age. Cabin groups are decided based on the needs of the whole camp community. Requests are accommodated to the best of our ability at the discretion of the Camp staff.