Ready for overnight camp?

Ready for Overnight Camp?

We at Camp Bishopswood want your child to have a fun, safe, healthy and successful camp experience! We expect “kids to be kids” and see our role as their shepherds. That said, there are certain skills a camper should possess in order for camp to be the wonderful, memorable, defining experience of childhood that we all hope for.

These skills are the key to a successful camp experience. Observe your child to see what needs to be worked on, and then practice these skills at home! Prepare your child with the tools they will need and we’ll do the rest!

Then, ask yourself, “Is my child able to accomplish the following without continued assistance?”

MOST importantly

  1. Sleep over at a friend’s house (not a relative) without wanting to come home or talk to Mom or Dad on the telephone?
  2. Brush teeth?
  3. Shower, wash body (and hair) and towel dry?
  4. Select clothes and dress?
  5. Separate clean and dirty clothes?
  6. Fold clothes; not perfectly but well enough to put them away?
  7. Hang up wet suits and towels?
  8. Generally follow written schedules/ instructions or ask for clarification?
  9. Keep track of belongings and keep personal space tidy?
  10. Can walk 1/2 mile?
  11. Cooperate in a group? Share adult attention?
  12. Listen, focus, and follow verbal instructions (with more than two steps.)