What to Bring

Please remember that camp life is simple and space is minimal

Personal Belongings

Stuffed animals are welcome at camp!

Stuffed animals are welcome at camp!

  • Clothing, basic toiletries and a few personal items are all that is necessary.
  • Everything brought to camp should have the camper’s name on it.
  • Clothing should be casual, durable, suited to layering for temperature variations, and comfortable.

Please leave valuables at home. Thank you!

Things NOT welcome at Camp Bishopswood

  • Electrical Appliances: e.g. hair dryers, curling irons, hair straighteners, radios, portable music players, hand held computer games, or other wireless devises, etc.
  • Money. None is needed. Shirts and photos are available only when parents are present. There is no camp store at Bishopswood, thus no need for campers to have money.
  • Food Stuffs. Candy. gum, chips, soda, baked goods and other things well-meaning relatives might send will invite insects and rodents into the cabin!
  • Pets. We have several resident pets at Bishopswood. Campers may not bring pets to camp, but may enjoy having them visit. When pets visit camp, it is best to keep them leashed/confined. We suggest dogs be walked well off the driveway and paths. Otherwise, owners are responsible for clean up. Thanks for your cooperation with this.
  • Weapons, Tobacco, Marijuana & Unmarked Drugs are not permitted at Bishopswood and possession of any of the above on or in the belongings of any camper will result in the camper being sent home immediately.